Get up every morning and look forward to what you are doing!

we have been doing this for 18 years!

We know the passes and routes in the Alps well, the Black Forest with its great roads, we have often ridden with many vehicles.

In Tuscany, Provence and Piemont, people know us and wave to us now.

For nearly 20 years we organize events around the automobile. Worldwide. We are proud of a team with experience and high standard. Trained instructors, skilled auto mechanics, event managers with a great deal of feel for the details.

Everyone human. All with the goal of waking up in the morning and looking forward to what you do.

A new idea – pure pleasure!

Mercedes Convertibles in regions where they are never seen.

The main routes of many great regions are often too full for us. Too often approached the insider tips.

This is how the wish and the idea for something new, different, special came into being. We searched for ideal routes where almost no one drives, for landscape that touches the soul and intoxicates the senses.

And we found the Algarve combined with Mercedes convertibles.

Welcome to the charming south of Portugal.

Welcome to your Driver Camp!

Cruising with friends!

in the sunshine CRUISEN, LAUGH, ENJOY

Driver Camp tours have a very simple motto: Travel instead of Race.

Respect in dealing with our environment is very important to us. We do not organize racing events on public roads. If you would like to try your own limits and the limits of the vehicles, you are cordially invited to one of our racetrack events. More information can be found here:

We wish all of you always good and safe ride.

Sincerely your team from Driver Camp